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Advanced Data Provider


The Advanced Data Provider - ADP, is a transparent factory for ADO.NET which loads providers dynamically. It is written in C# and works on .NET, Portable.NET and Mono on Linux and Windows.

We Need Your Feedback!

If you aren't using ADP, but you want to, we want to know! Tell us what's holding you back. Send email to the development mailing list, the ADP project coordinator.





Stable (for deployment)
Advanced Data Provider Version (Source) 0.9.4.zip
Advanced Data Provider Version (Source) 0.9.4.tar.gz
Advanced Data Provider Version (Binary) 0.9.4.zip

Unstable (for testing)
Advanced Data Provider Version 0.9.3.zip
Advanced Data Provider Version 0.9.3.tar.gz


If you have modified ADP or developed your own testers, let us know! We will integrate your changes into ADP so others can use them and you don't have to maintain them. Be sure to follow these guidelines when sending in changes:


Patches that don't follow these guidelines will take longer to be integrated and may even be rejected entirely. In particular, we cannot accept patches without a copyright assignment.

Most of all... thanks for your help!


Advanced Data Provider Help (On-Line) 0.9.4.html
Advanced Data Provider Help (CHM e HTML) 0.9.4.tar.gz
Advanced Data Provider Help (CHM e HTML) 0.9.4.zip



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